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Beef cattle nutrition has never looked more beautiful

After months of ruminating, Peak Consulting, a business that specializes in beef cattle nutrition (dad joke of the century 😂) decided to connect with Simple Livestock and let us take the lead on a company rebranding project that included a new logo and print material.

Months of Rumination
Months to Delivery
Healthy Bovines

Concept to Creation

Designing and creating simple logos is like writing a short letter, it takes days, weeks, sometimes even months to accomplish. We’ll admit, this logo isn’t one of our sleekest most minimal designs but it’s definitely one of our favorites. Sometimes you just have to throw in all the components; trees, mountains, snow, cows... more trees, and hope that whatever comes out on the other end looks better than the Big Bluestem that Harvey the Polled Herford just consumed.

The image below displays a few of our early rounds of minimalistic logo designs.

A High-Def Solution

After a few rounds of minimalistic sketches, we (and our client) decided that our approach was slightly off target and this is when we decided to take the cornucopia approach mentioned above. Trees, cattle, mountains, gradients, snow, and a very bold font were added to the mix and blended in classic fashion with a combination of Procreate (the drawing software) tools on the iPad Pro and advanced pathfinder tools in Adobe Illustrator, to come up with a multi-layered, very handsome logo and letterhead. We’re obviously biased but we think the new brand looks great on a set of business cards!

the below image displays the final Peak Consulting logo in both full color and grey-scale versions.

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one." ~ Mark Twain

The Results

One month and some change later, Simple Livestock was able to deliver a beautifully designed, hand-crafted logo and brand kit to Peak Consulting. If you’d like to get in touch with Peak Consulting or just learn more about their experience working with us at Simple Livestock, the button below will lead you in the right direction. Thank you for reading!

Scope of Work

This incredible project was created with the following tools:

Graphic Design
Logo Design
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